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I love America and I love Johnny CASH
I love America and I love Johnny CASH

"when he won that contest, he couldn’t believe how many people were happy for him. I can’t even tell you the amount of many texts I received after that contest and the phone calls from people telling me they cried, like he did, after he won."
"If any surfer said anything good about him, and he was always reading magazines, he couldn’t believe it. He was so stoked. If someone talked about their favourite surfers and mentioned him he’d be… wow! He couldn’t believe he could ever be someone’s favourite surfer."
-Lyndie Irons

AI forever

Before the event got started today in Ocean Beach, surfers paddled out in memory of the late Andy Irons.
Happy 36th birthday to my favorite athlete to ever step foot on Earth. Every surfer in the world was on his side that day and he made it happen. Legends never die. AI forever.
Weekend sweep for Brad Keselowski!!!!
13 years yesterday. Happy birthday Mr. Moriarity. So badly wish you were still here with us☀️